Organic Full Body Stress-Relieving Deep Tissue Spa Treatment Package


Price 188 CAD
80 min



Rejuvenating & Body Tightening Spa Treatment

This treatment uses natural Spanish lemon verbena massage oil and Jourdeness' own special compound essential oil to soothe stiff muscles and body aches. This massage therapy improves blood circulation and maintains body health and fitness.

Suitable for:
Full-body massage lovers, Spa first-timers, People who are exhausted after staying up late


Products Utilized

Lemon Verbena Treatment Oil

Known in the Roman Empire as “Venus' vanilla,” verbena is an aphrodisiac with a soothing, depression-fighting aroma. It leaves your skin silky-soft and extremely comfortable.


A combination of plant extracts including bergamot, ravensara, lavender, and eucalyptus specially formulated for dull-looking skin. Allows your entire body, mind, and soul to relax.

Detente REMIX ESSENTIAL Oil (#3)

A combination of plant extracts including mint, marjoram, rosemary, patchouli specially formulated to refresh your body and dispel negativity.

Triomphe REMIX ESSENTIAL Oil (#6)

A combination of plant extracts including neroli, lavender, tangerine specially formulated to prevent skin aging, refine skin texture and elasticity, lighten the appearance of spots, and brighten and soften your skin.


Treatment Process

  • Shower
  • Hand SPA massage
  • Instrument-assisted treatment
  • Full-body massage
  • Break time
  • Healthy herbal tea

【Important Notice】
People with any of the following conditions should avoid this treatment: Coagulation disorder, critical illness, new fracture, contagious skin disease, age-related fragility, diabetes, empty stomach, pregnancy, or any heart problem that requires a pacer.



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