Angel Yoga Firming Spa Treatment (including Magic Spectrometer Treatment)


Price 145 CAD
50 min



Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Treatment for Perfect Facial Contours

Jourdeness’ exclusive face-firming method works on different layers of cells and muscles by using rhythmic stimulation. The most popular light therapy in cosmetic medicine and the most advanced. Combination of low-energy light therapy and high-quality skin care products can provide cell activation and achieve the best skin care performance.

Suitable for People Who:
Purifying and whitening the skin, especially those with dull or uneven complexions. Firms the skin.


Products Utilized

Peptide Essence Ampoule、Oriental Adamas Essence Ampoule

A long-lasting moisturizer, formulated with amino acids extracted through cutting-edge, micro-particle technology. Fights inflammation, prevents acne scars, and repairs damaged skin tissues.

Q10 Active E Serum

Contains antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients;relieves dryness and dullness.

Intensive Skin Care

Product applied to the skin to soften or maintain skin suppleness by increasing the water content of the skin.


Treatment Process

  • Deep-cleansing makeup remover
  • Jourdeness exclusive face-firming yoga
  • Instrument-assisted treatment
  • Mask removal
  • Skin care items
  • Break time
  • Healthy herbal tea.


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