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Beauty is an experience. It is a graceful journey in search of mind-body harmony. It is, moreover, confidence radiating from within. Jourdeness cares for women, loves what they love, and combines thoughtful services with its massage techniques. To Jourdeness, customer needs always come first, allowing your five senses to be relaxed and entertained.

"A Leading Brand Sets Sail into the Future." Based in Taiwan, we have branched out into China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, U.S. and Canada. We wish to promote the Asian spa & wellness industry to a higher level and pursue a balance between mind, body and soul. In every corner of the world, at Jourdeness, women enjoy the ultimate in full sensory treatment and leave feeling fully relaxed. We use high-quality, non-toxic, all-natural beauty products in order to give our customers an unforgettable beauty experience.


VIP Exclusive Services

The moment you step into Jourdeness, you can begin enjoying a series of luxury VIP services. The duration of your spa treatment does not include time spent in consultations, bathing, dressing, or resting. Rest at ease as you enjoy a complete spa massage session.

We use high-quality products and add on no hidden charges. When you finish your treatment, take the time to relax in our lounge. We will serve you a cup of nourishing tea to refresh you, and we look forward to serving you again and again.




Classic Revive Treatment

Jourdeness provides specialized, one-on-one, customized aromatherapy massage. Before treatment, tell your therapist your needs and preferred massage strength. After thorough consultation, we will provide you with the exact facial, body, or instrument treatments you require. Our treatment relieves pressure accumulated inside your body and delivers the wellness you deserve. You will be rejuvenated by the various natural essential oils used in our spa treatment and will leave with a smile on your face!





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graceful journey in search of mind-body harmony

TEL: +1-778-926-2599

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