Peptide-Based Spa Facial Treatment Package


Price 135 CAD
65 min



Unparalleled Facial Spa Treatment

After gently cleansing your face to exfoliate the skin cells, our therapist performs facial beauty care based on skin type, age, and season. Our European elasticity-enhancing massage techniques help the skin absorb nutrients, the first step to maintaining perfect skin condition.

Suitable for: All skin types


Products Utilized

Treatment Q10

No additives. All-natural herbal ingredients. Gently removes your makeup and allows your skin to take a deep breath.

Peptides bright beauty series

Inhibits the formation of melanin, making your skin visibly whiter, smoother, brighter, and have a more even texture.

Oriental adamas beauty series

Reduces skin roughness, refines skin texture and elasticity, and provides the most tender care to your skin.

Peptide series

The natural moisturizing factors and a variety of anti-wrinkle cream provide your skin with vital nutrients and moisture.


Treatment Process

  • Professional skin analysis
  • Deep-clean makeup removal
  • Exfoliator
  • European-style facial
  • Acupressure massage
  • Stress reliever for shoulders, neck, and hands
  • Break time
  • Healthy herbal tea

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